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Protective Coverall


Product Component
Component Material
Protective Clothing Breathable Film Composite Nonwoven
Zipper Nylon
Elastic Band Latex-free rubber band
Heat Sealing Tape Heat Sealing tape 18MM
Adhesive Tape Adhesive Tape 1.2cm*30y


Order Information
Description Size Bag/Carton Bag Dimension (cm) Carton Dimension (cm) G.W. N.W.
Protective Coverall M 1/40 32*50 60*40*45 11.87 10.4
Protective Coverall L 1/40 32*50 60*40*45 12.27 10.8
Protective Coverall XL 1/40 32*50 60*40*45 12.67 11.2
Protective Coverall 2XL 1/40 32*50 60*40*45 13.07 11.6



Disposable (special +safety). 
Double Protection (Taped Seams +Velcro Design make it more easy to operate)
 Triple Barrier (help provide barrier protection against liquid splashes, hazardous dusts, and certain biological contaminants.)
Four kinds of comfortable (Light and permeable, overhang design+slim fit, anti-static, non-irritant)