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Surgical Gown

Product Description : 

Surgical Gown is a multi-purpose garment, worn over scrub suits during surgical procedures. It is used to protect both the patient and operating room personnel from the transfer of micro-organisms, body fluids and particulate material. It is for rather short and dry operations.It is in compliance with EN 13795-1:2019 & AAMI PB70:2012


1. Ergonomic fit, enables freedom of movement    
2. Breathable and comfortable, suitable for most procedures    
3. Specially treated to repel low-tension surface fluids    
4. Available in standard and high performance gowns    
5. High Performance gown with impermeable material suited to prcedures with high fluid levels    
6. Categorized by different barrier performance level based on AAMI PB70:2012    

Gowns Different Choice

35g/50g SMS standard Surgical Gown, 35g/45g SMS Surgical Gown with Reinforcement, 68g BVB Surgical Gown, 68g BVB Splicing Surgical Gown and etc.


It can be used in ourpatients, wards, inspection rooms, laboratories, medical operating rooms, etc.